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Kauai Qi Center
Reaches the Hearts and Health of Thousands 

Grandmaster Hong founded the Kauai Qi Center in 2004 as a place for the community to enhance their health and well-being through Natural Healing programs. This all-volunteer organization continues to grow and reach more people each year.

Herbal Patching at the Summer Respiratory Event

More than 7,500 people have benefited from the free humanitarian services offered by the organization. In both winter and summer, the Uplifting Immunity and Respiratory Events provide the community with gentle exercises to influence their immune system, herbal patching for all of those who attend, and sampling of healing food and teas for greater health and longevity.

Gloria Nakea and others practice the Sitting 12 exercises in the Kapuna class.

Throughout the week, the Qi Center offers beginner and advanced Qi Gong classes, including the Free Senior program which provides classes three times a week including services for the Anahola Kupunas who are bussed in for their weekly practice.

Dora Hong teaches the monthly cooking class.

The popular Natural Cooking classes, taught by Dora Hong, have expanded from quarterly to every other week. Master Hong stresses the importance that "Food is our best medicine," and these classes provide practical tools to allow everyone to easily integrate healing foods into their daily diet. After retirement from a career as a school principle, Dora has brought new life and energy to the Qi Center with her vibrant spirit.

Each year, everyone is brought together at the Anniversary celebration, which has become a celebration of energy. Natural Healing has been the common bond that has brought hundreds and thousands together here in Kauai and beyond. When people gather with the common interest of wanting to live a happy, healthy, and balanced life, this energy naturally spreads and touches people in unimaginable ways. Volunteers, who share their energy, commitment, and love have truly become the heart and soul of the Qi Center which has created the warm welcome and love at the center, expanding throughout the island, country and world.

The Kauai Qi Center's Annual Potluck New Year and Anniversary celebration

Those who volunteer their time, heart, and energy at the Kauai Qi Center:

Vicki Watanabe, Vicki DelCruz, Janet Fujii, Eli Kikuchi, Lillian Akagi, Puamana Guyang, Hollis Dana, Myra Muramoto, Gerald Muramoto, Lynn Muramoto, Kimi Koide, Mary Neudorffer, Eleanor Nishita, Leatrice Tanaka, Carol Vonkeekan, Marilyn Mach, Jan Sterne, Peter Sterne, Leia Melead, Eric Dang, Emory Griffin-Noyes, Gordon Kawasaki, Max Miyashiro, Mac Layaoen, Casey Davis, Phil Morgan, Cynthia Riedel, Marlene Greer, Faye Azeka, Cherylyn Inouye, Cindy Swain, Wanda Aki, Danny Zelinski, Suzanne Stover, Ron Stover, Joe Lee, Jeanne Sturtevant, Terry Sullivan, Mona Lee, Katherine Shiraki, Lissa Lang, Gloria Nakea, Noreen Chun, Pohaikalani Kirkland, Clarice Inouye, Diane Inouye, Barbara Yamane, Deanna O'Brien, Kaila Ritchie, Karen Bellavita, Robin Clemens, Coleen Badoyen, Maria Perlman, Patricia Litchhull,

Volunteers Colleen Badoyen & Rachel Miyake spend a day in the Qi Center citrus grove.

Phyllis Tokita, Rachel Miyake, Lucy Ryan, Liz Kawamura, Dora Hong, Myron Emoto, Joel Oyama, Brad Lewis, Kaike Akama, Melissa Aki, Milaine Medeiros, Bonnie Bojorquez, Katrama Brooks, Curtis McCosco, Richard Santiago, Betty Santiago, Roger Jacobs, Katie Beer, Joshua Adkinson, Annaleah Adkinson, Marilyn Mach, Darlene Palama, Debra Togioka, Amy Galante, Glenda Delenstarr, Jennifer Krebs, Kathy Ho, Mike Teruya, Julie Werner, Carol Nii, Andra,, Joyce Higa, Liz Kawamura, Lana Corregodore, Susan Garment, Pat Litchhull, Puamana Guyang, Adam Collins, Laxmi Wickboldt, Siri Shabad, Evan Valiere, Terry Stevens, Anne Skabo, Shavan Peay, John Sklov, Charlie Baker, Bill Snyder, Gary, Mizuuchi, Linda Viado, James Viado, Mimi Snyder, Tom Peterson, Lissa Peterson, Brian Clay, Dee Feller, Coni Westland, Brian Sakamoto, Sharon Sakamoto, Carol Caspillo, Vicki Sterne, Suzanne Stove, Ron Stover, Tolly Boyd, Melissa Sugai, Ernie Tamakshiro, Kathy Ho, Gail Oride, Danny Zelinski, Angela Tilson, Pamela Darbyshire, Ron Soderstriom, Kathleen Persons, Norman Persons, Lianne Ingram, Jane Hiranaka, Ann Hummel, Rhonda Lizama, Alfred Ho, Joanne Chang, Vanessa Chang , Clyde Chang, Helen Ebesu, Lucille Rogers, Dolly Brierly, Susan Fukumoto, Barbara Isoda, Judy Tamashiro, Lois Anderson, Derek Inouye, Napua Costa , Romy Castillo.

For more information, a schedule of upcoming events, or to learn about ways to further support the Kauai Qi Center, contact Lynn or Dora at: qicenterkauai@hawaii.rr.com or miracles@qimaster.com.

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