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Master Hong

4-Season Workshop in Denver
Summer and Fall
Program Information
When: Saturday,
April 4, 2009

11:00 am - 6:00 pm
April 5, 2009

10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Where: Inner Connections Yoga
821 A Park Street
Castle Rock, Colorado 80109
Cost: $375
(new student)
(those who have attended one previous class by Master Hong)
(those who have attended two or more previous classes by Master Hong)
Contact: Gerald Short
(720) 641-6529
Jayne Tschirhart-Short
(303) 210-1070
Missing out on one of the easiest, most important keys to health? Make the power of the seasons work for you!

Grandmaster Hong Liu is unveiling his most powerful workshops to date for enhanced health, vitality, focus, success, fulfillment, and longevity. In this class you will learn how to harness the potential of natural healing and energy-based practices, which were developed 5,000 years ago in China.

Gravitational changes by the sun, moon, and stars produce the seasonal changes we experience which in turn affect our energy in tangible ways (weather, crops, trees, etc.). In intangible ways, seasonal energy also affects our internal organs, sleeping and eating patterns, emotions, thought patterns—even our prosperity.

In Chinese Medicine, there are common illnesses, which are understood to be directly related to seasonal imbalances. Some of these seasonal imbalances are likewise researched and reported by the National Institute of Health. Grandmaster Hong Liu will teach how to prevent the energy imbalances behind those illnesses, including heart disease, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, allergies, respiratory conditions, colds, depression, anxiety, stress, skin problems, and more.

Grandmaster Hong Liu will introduce the following, tailored for summer and fall:
  • Medical Qi Gong Exercises
  • Healing Foods
  • Self-Healing Energy Meditation
  • Reflexology Points

Individual Energy Consultations by Grandmaster Hong Liu are available by appointment on Friday, April 3 & Monday, April 6.

Directions: I-25 to Exit 182. Go west on Wolfensberger. Go south on Park Street. Inner Connections Yoga is located in the strip mall on the corner of Wolfensberger and Park Street behind McDonalds.

Master Hong Healing Center reserves the right to cancel the workshop and to change the dates or venue of the units. A full refund is given if the course is canceled or rescheduled. A charge of $50.00 is withheld for cancellation before March 30, 2009, after which time the fee is not refundable.