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2008 Summer Asthma Humanitarian Event in Kauai
Program Information
When: Day 1:
July 19, 2008
Begins at 9:00 am
Day 2:
July 29, 2008
Day 3:
August 18, 2008
Where: Qi Center in Lihue
3343 Kanakolu Street
Lihue, Hawaii 96766
Cost: Free
Contact: (808) 245-7002
Summer is a period when most asthma patients’ conditions are under control. Summer is also an ideal time to strengthen the lungs’ ability to combat infection. Although Western medicine is pursuing new avenues of treatment, no truly innovative developments in asthma therapy have occurred in quite some time. Currently, no pharmaceutical drugs, which can effectively improve and/or increase human immune function, are available.

According to Chinese medicine and the principles of Natural Healing Therapy, summer, a time when asthma is under control, is the ideal time to treat asthma. From the perspective of Natural Healing, this time serves as a window of opportunity and the key to treating the root causes of asthma. The importance lies in the fine-tuning and adjustment of the immune system function: increasing the ability to fight infection and lowering sensitivity to environmental allergens.

In Chinese Medicine theory, the acupuncture points representative of human immune function are as follows:

  • UB11 - Za Zhu/Great Shuttle (in line with vertebra T1)
  • UB 13 - Fei Shu/Lung Shu (in line with vertebra T3)
  • UB 23 - Shen Shu/Kidney Shu (in line with vertebra L2)
  • ST 36 - Zu San Li/Leg Three Miles (outside of lower leg, few inches below the knee cap, on the shin muscle)

Research has proven that the stimulation of these acupuncture points in healthy individuals will produce several effects. The blood serum level increases by an average of 84%, the antibodies level increases by an average of 43%, and the T-cells and lymphatic cells increase by an average of 7.1%. These numbers indicate that systematic, repeated stimulation to these acupuncture points will improve human immune function. These findings are useful and significant in the prevention and treatment of asthma.

Topical Patch Therapy

Topical Patch Therapy works through the application of herbal patches to specific areas of the body to create desired therapeutic effects. Through the sensations produced by pressure, temperature, chemicals, and/or pain, these stimulations send messages through the neural system to the cerebral cortex of the brain. These messages cause an excited/stimulated area in the brain and leave a reflex imprint. The stimulated neural system becomes fine-tuned in the direction of healthier function. These activities will in turn change the functional conditions of the thalamus, pituitary gland, and the system in the brain connected to the adrenal gland cortex. Through further influence on the nerves, body fluids, and endocrine system, asthma can be controlled.

The absorption of herbal medicine through the skin into the blood vessels and lymphatic tubes stimulates the body’s immune system. This process multiplies certain antibodies in the body’s immune system. It also opens up the active cells on the surface of the lungs to prevent and treat asthma. This can be shown by the increased levels of IgA, IgG, and IgM in the blood serum and the lowered levels of IgE and eosinophils after the herbal patches are applied.

The use of herbal patches application and stimulation (Topical Patch Therapy) can quickly generate a relatively strong reaction from the sensory organs. It will create a single or dual adjustment effect, lowering the body’s allergen sensitivity and/or improving lung function as well as improving overall body function. The strengthening of the body’s defense mechanism supports one of the Traditional Chinese Medicine’s principles, “Treating Internal Ailments Externally”.

The back is where the Governing Vessel and the Bladder Meridian are located. The herbal patches are applied to the region of T1 and T2. The spinal vertebrae nerves in this area govern the lung’s neural system. The stimulation of the acupuncture point UB13 (Fei Shu) will energize the nerves, increase energy through the meridians, and increase pulmonary functions of the chest cavity. All of these activities will improve the flow of energy, blood, and one’s physical constitution.

For more information, call (808) 245-7002 or email Qi@hawaii.rr.com.