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Preventing, Treating, & Healing Cancer Workshop
Program Information
When: Saturday,
September 17, 2011

9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Where: Mt. Vernon Country Club
24933 Clubhouse Circle
in the ‘Aspen Room’
Golden, CO 80401
For directions, go to www.mountvernoncc.com.
Cost: $190
(Lunch is included.)
Contact: Jayne Tschirhart-Short
(303) 210-1070
Put cancer to rest with the integration of Natural Healing and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Taught by Grandmaster Hong

Grandmaster Hong teaches Natural Healing and Medical Qi Gong modalities which have empowered thousands of patients to live a long life full of energy and vitality despite cancer diagnosis. He is also a sought-after lecturer about approaches to cancer for oncologists and other integrative medical professionals (please see Cancer Strategies Symposium newsletter article). For the purpose of improving the quality and length of life of those affected by cancer, he will address:

  • Which foods, medical qi gong exercises, and other practices accelerate vs. diminish the healing process and help with chemotherapy side effects?
  • What foods can help one's body to increase the white blood cell count and to strengthen immunity?
  • How can one use an awareness of the daily cycle of yinyang and of internal organ energy levels to increase the power of one's Natural Healing practices?
  • What tools can one use (including healing foods, qigong exercises, yinyang psychology, massage of acupoints & lifestyle changes) to help prevent cancer from coming back?
  • Why are certain internal organs affected by cancer?
  • What is the research on medical qi gong vs. regular exercise in cancer patients? How do specific qi gong movements stimulate energy flow to support a specific organ's health?

Empowerment for Life

The path of biopsy, chemotherapy and radiation only offers the patient a "wait and see" option. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Healing practices taught by Master Hong open old and new energy pathways in the body to allow for growth, optimal health, and longevity. Thousand year medical Qi Gong practices, healing foods, lifestyle guidelines, and specific acupuncture points, are just some of things which, when added up, help give patients the greatest chance of recovery and prevention.

Wake up Your Body. Put Cancer to Rest.

The way cancer grows, is treated, and how people recover is unique. Would you believe that cancer could coexist without growing and killing the body, and the body could still live a long, healthy life? It is only when the body is unbalanced, that cancer wins out and thrive. Through natural healing methods, life and strength potentially can exist in the body even beyond a normal lifespan.

...breast cancer spread to my spine and bones... I was bed ridden for months and then gradually could walk with the help of a cane…I saw Master Hong and …doing my daily qi gong exercises, I immediately found I could walk better ... I had a PET Scan and it came back with the cancer stable and they mentioned that where they did see cancer… that now it looked like it could be arthritis... I am now walking on my treadmill for 15 min. a day (as well as walking about without my cane)…I have much more energy and confidence... (Breast Cancer Client, 52 years old)

My doctors told me that my PSA was at a 10. My wife and I were extremely concerned because there is a history of prostate cancer in my family…I've been practicing [Master Hong's] Body Pyramid exercises for the past two months and my PSA is now normal and down to 2.3. (Bank Vice President, 49 years old)

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