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The Scent of Health & Success
Why do some people like certain scents but not others? For example, there are those who like light scents and others who prefer heavy. Their preference is determined by their innate energy. Most people are unaware that scents can stimulate people, reduce stress, help in rehabilitation, and attract the opposite sex.

Master Hongís 5 Element Perfumes and Colognes are based on a personís energy patterns. These same energy patterns determine a personís personality, hobbies, luck, money, and longevity. There is a code to unlock these patterns. Looking at the Five Elements Chart, you will find your birth element. Using that elementís perfume or cologne will support your energy to be healthier, smarter, more popular and more successful. After a period of use, you will feel a subtle improvement in all aspects of your life.

Master held a perfume/cologne testing party at the Sheraton Hotel in Los Angeles in June, 2002. Over a hundred people were in attendance. 5 males and females were chosen, at random, to come up on stage to test the perfumes and colognes. It was a double-blind experiment, and they were asked to choose the scent they liked the best. Their dates of birth were projected on an overhead screen. 70% of them chose the scent that corresponded to their birth year.

Master explained to the assembled guests that energy determines the scents that we preferósimilar to western astrology. Master delved deeper; the year, month, day and two-hour time period is more than just a birth date and time. It refers to universal energy (the relative position of the sun, moon, and stars, your parentsí energy and it sets in motion your energy patterns over a lifetime. There has been research into blood types. Blood type is inherited from the parents, and the patterns have been observed and documented.

The Yellow Emperorís Book on Internal Medicine can predict what diseases a person will contract and at what time of his/her life. More importantly, it describes what to do about it and how to prevent disease through lifestyle, food, herbs, and exercise. Furthermore, date and time of birth determines a personís overall health, luck, past lives, and success. From the Book of Changes, these calculations can be performed. The code, in essence, has been cracked, but it is fast becoming a lost art and science. Master further stated that oneís internal organ energy determines physical and mental development. Therefore, all aspects of our being are determined by oneís date and time of birth.

Back to the party. The guests who came up on stage, and didnít choose their birth element, wanted to confirm why. Master reviewed the five factors that could have affected them: pressure or depression, menopause, chronic disease, being at a crossroads or some degree of failure. Interestingly enough, each had one of the above factors. Master then called for another group of ten people to come up on stage. The original ten did not want to leave. They wanted to know how to balance themselves. Master promised he would tell them.

This next group came up to the stage, and Master asked them to choose the two to three types of perfumes/colognes they liked and prioritize them. Then, Master asked their spouses to come up and smell the different scents applied on specific body points. The chemical changes that take place when the perfume/cologne interacts with the sweat glands make for the most accurate assessments. The spouses corroborated the choices made by their mates. Master told them that it showed the energetic connection/love between the two of them. The couples excitedly hugged each other.

The last segment of the session had people who didnít know each other corroborating the preferred scents. The birth dates were projected on the screen, and the results showed 90% accuracy, adjusting for the imbalanced factors. By the end of the evening there was a mad rush to the stage. Virtually everyone wanted to take part in the demonstration. More than just a game, it showed that people realize the inherent logic in the process and want to help balance their energy for improved physical, mental, and emotional energy. Additionally, everyone wants more personal fulfillment, be it money, luck or success.