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Energetic Psychology
Yin/Yang Psychology
Energetic or Yin/Yang Psychology is a multi-level approach, incorporating 5 Element and Yin Yang theory and dates back to the earliest origins of Eastern medicine. It is a natural healing modality based on the science of the mind/body dynamic. Each of the internal organs has a specific emotion associated with it. An excess or suppression of a particular emotion will cause an imbalance in the internal organ associated with it, and can lead to physical disease. On the other hand, energetic psychology can make use of the 5 Elements to help bring an imbalanced internal organ back into balance.

For example, anger, irritation, rage or unpleasant experiences adversely affect the liver. According to 5 Element theory, water (kidney) energy could be used to promote wood (liver) energy if there was a deficiency, and metal (lung) energy would be used to control the excess wood energy. Other factors can also increase or control internal organ energy including the environment, colors, sounds, and aromas.

“Energy exchange,” is another technique in energetic psychology. For example if a person had tight liver energy, there are practices for exchanging energy with certain types of trees. If a person had imbalanced kidney energy, there are practices for exchanging energy with the ocean. This approach is used for exchanging energy with the external material world to achieve harmony and balance. Energetic psychology can also be used to help people balance their lives, families and relationships.