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Qi Gong Medical Exercises
Qi Gong Medical Exercises are a specialized art/science within the pantheon of Qi Gong forms and practices. The ancient Masters would go into the Qi Gong State (Emptiness), with the intent of developing practices for a particular health condition, and the exercise that emerged became the exercise or exercises for that illness or imbalance. There are literally hundreds of Qi Gong Medical Exercises that have been handed down from the various lineages of Qi Gong.

These exercises help to open meridian blockages, balance the internal organs' energy (weakness or tightness), increase the client's overall energy, and help resolve his or her specific problem(s). They are simple, low-stress, effective exercises, which can be broken down into Meditation-based, Movement-based, Qi Guiding or a combination. A detailed written description of each exercise is given to the client, and Master Hong makes sure that the exercises are done accurately before the client leaves his offices. Qi Gong Medical Exercises are powerful tools for self-healing, but it must be stressed how important it is that they are done properly to achieve the desired results.