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In the same way that blood tests indicate the overall health of the physical body, reflex points (Reflexology) are a barometer of a person's overall health, and specifically the state of a person's internal organs. Reflex points, stimulated by massage to increase energy movement, can help to enhance internal organ energy and balance the client's overall energy level. They are easy to learn, simple to do, can be self-administered, and have no side effects.

For example, hypertension sufferers can apply pressure on specific points on the back of the ear, head, torso, and feet to lower their blood pressure. The positive effects of this practice have been corroborated through research. Reflexology can also help cancer patients deal with vomiting and other side effects during chemo and radiation therapy. The applications are numerous, and Reflexology represents another modality that can be tapped into to empower us in the fight against disease and improve the quality of our lives.