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Herbal Dietary Supplements
Primal Energy:

Designed to energize the mind and body as well as enhance vital energy, improve sexual functioning, improve concentration, increase efficiency, promote mental health and have anti-aging effects.

Item # :  800133
Size:  100 capsules/500mg
Price: $40.00


Easy-to-use capsule, contains Cordyceps Militaris Mycelia 4336 and 20 different Chinese herbs. Designed to promote the cleansing of the internal organs. Promotes a better digestive system, youthful appearance, weight control, regular bowel movements, clear stagnant energy, toxin release, ant-oxidation, looking fresh and younger, stronger immune system and helps sleep quality.

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Item # :  800133
Size:  100 capsules/500mg
Price: $34.00

Empower Plus:

Easy-to-use capsule, contains Cordyceps Militaris Mycelia 4336, Cordyceps Polysaccharide, more than 10 vitamins, and more than 20 trace elements. For centuries in Asia, Cordyceps has been one of the most frequently utilized and well-known medicinal herbal plants. It has been said to aid the circulatory, immune, respiratory, digestive, urinary, reproductive and nervous systems.

Item # :  800133
Size:  100 capsules/500mg
Price: $36.00

Herbal Enema Concentrate:

Ingredients: Salvia, Imperata Cylindrica, Dandelion, Poria, Isatis Tinctoria, Aurantium, Viola Herba, Fructus Hippophae, Ligni Dalbergiae Odorifarae, Atractylodes, Patriniae Thlaspi, Oldenlandia, Fritillaria Bulbus, Magnolia Cortex, Acronychia, Mucunae Caulis, Licorice, Herba Gynostemmae, Cordyceps Militaris Mycelia 4336, Ganoderma Lucidum, Tibetan Rhodiola Crenulata. No animal product adds.

Item # :  800136
Size:  120 grams (4 oz.)
Price: $50.00

Precautions: As with any supplement, if you are taking a Prescription medication, or if you are pregnant or are nursing a baby, contact your physician before using this product. Keep this product out of the reach of children.