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This is for Women

Master Hong’s energy programs support female sexual health and realize women’s dreams of conception and pregnancy. Customized programs promote female reproductive health for regular menstruation, efficient ovulation and healthy fertility hormone levels. Programs also strengthen the female reproductive system to alleviate menstrual and sexual energy problems, menopausal symptoms and fight or prevent diseases of the sexual organs.

The core concept of this program is to regulate the biomagnetic energy that is present in all living beings. This subtle energy may be imperceptible; however, it permeates and vitalizes all forms of life. The inexhaustible sea of energy, which embodies the energies of Sun, Moon, Earth and stars, is a powerful source of healing medicine.

To harness this universal energy to awaken our innate self-healing powers is one of the keys to restoring optimal health. The pivotal point is to identify these energy cycles, connect and follow their natural rhythms. Master Hong guides you to follow these rhythms by five main paths. You can:

  • Connect with the moon energy: Synchronize the female cycle with the lunar cycle.

Different Spinal Curves Control the 6 Endocrine Glands

  • Practice Qi Gong exercises on the Yin Yang Body Pyramid: Maintain and reshape the spinal curvatures and improve the functions of the endocrine system (pituitary, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenal glands, and female organs).
  • Use food as medicine: The Western perspective toward diet and nutrition consists of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and caloric count. The Eastern perspective differs in that it focuses on the energetic properties of foods. Each food possesses energy which influences certain internal organ(s), with different energetic properties (hot, warm, neutral, cold, cooling) and moves in a certain direction (upward, downward). Master Hong analyzes the individual needs and rhythms of each person and custom designs a healing diet. Different foods are used to restore the female body back to balance and vibrant health.
  • Use the Power of the MIND: Master Hong uses energy mapping to guide you to “surf” your life energy cycles with relative ease.

    He creates a life energy strategy to assist you in using the power of your mind to make positive changes. Learn how to manage the negative aspects of your life and take advantage of the opportunities available. A positive outlook creates auspicious energy, which brings you happiness, good health and fulfillment.
  • Manage your ambitions: Successful career women are driven by their ambitions and desires. However, these traits need to be carefully managed according to their situations, abilities and experiences. This is a gradual and systematic process. Women who do not modulate their pursuit of success will risk the creation of negative emotions such as anger, frustration and jealousy. These emotions will adversely affect female health and in time, develop into diseases.

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