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Women's Issues Testimonials

Fertility: Testimonials #1-5
Women Overcoming Cancer: #6-8
Other Women’s Issues: #9-14

Fertility Testimonials: #1-5

1. The Moon Exercise Helped Me Have a Baby

A 42 yr old married woman had tried to get pregnant at great expense for over 2 years. She tried Clomid, artificial insemination, and in vitro fertilization. She had one appointment with Grandmaster Hong, followed his recommendations on a daily basis, and in about 3 months was pregnant, later delivering a healthy baby boy.

“I first heard about Master Hong from a good friend of mine who, like me, was struggling to conceive. After hearing how Master Hong was able to help her succeed in getting pregnant, I knew that I wanted to try Qi Gong myself.

Prior to seeing Master Hong, my husband & I tried for two plus years to conceive. My blood tests showed normal results and the only thing that could have been preventing pregnancy was a partial blockage in my right fallopian tube. But even with that, most women who have a full blockage are still able to conceive. My doctor suggested that I take Clomid, a fertility drug that helps with egg production & to induce ovulation. I tried this drug a few months here and there for the first two years and during those same months I had the IUI (artificial insemination) process done. After this method failed my husband & I decided, in June 2010 to try IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). I was 40 years old at that time, and due to my age my egg production was low. At the time of the egg transfer I had only three embryos to implant. It was my only chance, all or nothing. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be and the IVF failed. Another try with IVF would have cost us $20,000+.

About two weeks later in July 2010, I scheduled an appointment to see Master Hong. He did a quick assessment of my body. He noted that there was blockage in the areas where egg production, fertilization, & conception takes place within the body. Using his energy he “unblocked” the areas that were preventing pregnancy and also set me on a program to follow. I was told to take herbs twice a day for several weeks. Along with the herbs I did daily exercises to help strengthen my body, create a balance and prepare it for pregnancy… The exercises allowed the energy to flow freely throughout my body to clear blockages and bring balance to all the internal organs. I followed this routine faithfully and (finally, after only three months!) in October 2010, I found out that I was pregnant! Once I found out I was pregnant, I was told to just continue doing the Moon Exercise. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy!

I truly believe that with Master Hong’s amazing ability, I was able to conceive naturally and experience a healthy pregnancy. I saw Master Hong recently for a follow up appointment with great hopes of another pregnancy and the birth of another healthy child. He placed me on the same program/exercises that worked for me the first time. I will follow it faithfully, because I KNOW that with the Qi energy & a strong body, my dreams will once again come true!”

2. Pregnant Despite Fallopian Tubes Supposedly Too Narrow

32 year old woman, trying to have a baby for two years: “My husband and I have tried to have a baby for two years. Unsuccessful and frustrated, I had a laparoscopy and began fertility treatments a year and a half ago. After no success, I had a hysteroscopy wherein doctors found that my tubes were too narrow for my eggs to move down. My husband and I decided to go through with two in vitro treatments in hopes to become pregnant, but they failed. I decided to try a natural approach. After seeing Master Hong, I started practicing Body Pyramid exercises along with a “yin exercise” on the Body Pyramid for 30-45 minutes each day. My husband and I are overjoyed that I am now 15 weeks pregnant! I am due in February and I feel great.“

3. We got pregnant within a couple weeks!

JY, 31 yrs: “I came to Master Hong to help my husband and I with having a baby. After seeing him and practicing the Body Pyramid exercises, just one month later my husband and I conceived.”

4. Master’s approach for my husband and me let us have a baby!

I am a 36 year old surgeon and my husband is a gastoenterologist. During our recent residencies we worked long hours, including night shifts. I started trying to get pregnant a year ago, with no success. We didn’t have time for wellness practices and de-stressing. My husband’s sperm count was about 14 million. Master Hong put both me and my husband on a healing food recipe designed to strengthen our reproductive energies. My husband’s sperm count went up to 40 million! Within 6 weeks I got pregnant! With Master Hong’s help, I am a lucky woman who can “have it all”—career and family, too!

5. After remote healing, follicles grew faster than normal.

43 yrs married woman getting remote energy to support the process of in vitro fertilization: “After the remote healing, my follicles grew so large and so fast, that they took the eggs out 2 days early!! :)

Also, the painful problem that I had last week cleared up by the next day, thanks to Master's help :)

Many blessings to Master and his staff. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart. I am very fortunate to know you.”

Women Overcoming Cancer Testimonials: #6-8

6. I have no side effects from chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Breast cancer survivor for 7 yrs: “I was diagnosed with breast cancer 7 years ago and did radiation & chemo. One year ago, the cancer came back; I did chemo a second time. I’ve practiced the Body Pyramid exercises since and have no side effects. I kept my hair, my blood sugar was regulated throughout, and I didn’t have any nausea.”

7. Lymphedema improved, lost 10 lbs., sleep is better!

Female CPA, age 54, breast cancer survivor: “I was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer in 2002, wherein some lymph nodes by my underarm were removed, and I’ve suffered with mild lymphedema on both arms ever since, in addition to being overweight (125 lbs. on 4 ft. 10 in. frame). The oncologist wanted me to lose weight to control estrogen in my body, but I was unsuccessful. Saw Master in April 2009, and started practicing the prescribed Body Pyramid exercises-- however, did not practice regularly. Four months later, I took the Body Pyramid workshop and practiced regularly. Results: I lost 10 lbs., my mild lymphedema on arms improved significantly. Both arms look a lot better, I do not look puffy with fluid retention anymore, my skin tone looks better and I sleep better at night. I’m even more motivated to practice and attend more workshops.”

8. Feeling wonderful, no sign of any cancer.

August 2010 – 1st visit with Master, just diagnosed with significant amount of atypia cells in uterine lining, from a biopsy. Explained everything to Master, he did energy work. 5 weeks later, had uterus and ovaries removed, also did biopsy (thin slice). No atypia signs at all. 6-8 weeks post surgery recovery.

December 3, 2010 – 2nd (follow-up) visit with Master Hong. Feeling wonderful, no sign of any cancer. –M.

Other Women’s Issues Testimonials: #9-14

9. HPV and osteopenia gone!

Diagnosed with HPV

July- diagnosed with Breast Cancer
August- surgery, then radiation (Given Fimera Rx)
September – bone density scan reported reduced bone density, osteopenia (even though side effects of Fimera is decrease in bone density and decreased WBC count)
November 23rd – First Master Hong appointment

January 29th – Master Hong appointment
May 24th – Master Hong appointment
June – follow-up pap-smear - HPV gone.
WBC increased from 3.5 to 4.5 (from Sept. 2009)
Bone density scan came back NORMAL, NO osteopenia

10. Menopausal woman begins menstruating again.

45 yr woman, started perimenopause 5 yrs ago: “I've had two menstrual cycles in conjunction with the full moon these past months. So we decided with this next cycle that we will try IVF again before my menstrual cycle disappears again. I've been going to yoga twice a week and walking everyday. Can I come see Master Hong soon so he can help get me healthy for an all or nothing third attempt?”

11. My period started again. (Age 55)

55 yr woman: My period stopped 1 year ago, my menopausal symptoms are occasional hot flashes, heart palpitations, and unexpected emotional changes. I was wondering what was wrong with my body and whether or not I could have cancer. After I practiced this Body Pyramid exercise for 2 weeks, my period returned with a vengeance and I was elated! This blood flow was not because of tumor or reproductive problems because 2 weeks before I had done my annual OB/GYN check-up, so I know right away when this started, that this was the start of my period again. The rebirth of my eggs represents the return of my youth. I am so encouraged that I want to continue to practice.

After one week of practicing on the Body Pyramid and since then, I no longer experience vaginal dryness like before. Instead of always feeling like my mood was unpredictable, I only feel like that 2x/month or less, and my hot flashes are reduced by 90%. I’m really grateful because not only do I no longer experience these symptoms of menopause, but I feel like my youth, vitality, and womanhood is extended.”

12. Breasts perkier, butt firmer

Female office worker, age 38: “I practice the Body Pyramid exercise. People perceive me as taller. Since I’ve been practicing, the breasts are larger and firmer perkier, and my butt is more lifted & firmer. People have said I look more attractive.”

Analysis: It is impossible to grow taller at this age. The perception of tallness and firmer and larger breasts is due to a more aligned spine. The lifted buttocks is accurate because the contraction of the perineum helps make the buttocks muscles more firm and defined.

Western physical training/conditioning methods to strengthen buttocks muscles are through running & resistance training with the focus on training one particular muscle group. The Body Pyramid exercises work on the body’s symmetry, balance, and the skeletal system from the inside-out. They train the muscles to help prevent injury and to lessen wear and tear on the joints by supporting with balanced muscles. The definition and strength of the muscles is a mark of obvious improvement. Western muscle training increases hypertrophy, making muscles shorter and inflexible. Isometrics (ex. pulling up on the perineum) is the most effective and quality type of training for creating muscle tone and is the most aesthetically pleasing. The inner, deeper layers of the muscles are utilized and activated.

Isometric training results include increased vitality of the muscle, elasticity of the muscle, and greater muscular endurance. The muscles are less likely to degenerate, more likely to maintain muscle definition and muscle tone at any age. Not only are you toning the outside of the body, but also the internal organs are balanced, which further perpetuates health.

13. I have less wrinkles!

47 yrs woman, athlete and small business owner: “I have less wrinkles! I slowly started to feel better after practicing, then one day I felt radiant. Sure enough, after looking at a picture of myself from two months ago, I clearly have fewer wrinkles on my face. I thought it was all downhill from here [because I’m 47], but I’m so happy that this has been a benefit of my practicing regularly!”

Analysis: This woman’s results show that her circulation has increased. When there are wrinkles, it shows that there is degeneration and aging of the internal organs. The aging of the internal organs changes the internal structure and integrity of the skin, decreasing collagen. When practicing the Happy Buddha Body Pyramid exercise, there is a natural improvement of the cervical vertebra nerves, which affects the blood circulation of the facial region. This exercise can slow down the aging and degeneration process of the skin.

From a natural healing/Chinese medicine perspective, lung energy controls the condition of the skin. Through Happy Buddha practice, the lung is efficiently stretched, influencing breathing capacity and the elasticity of the skin.

When the cervical spine and upper thoracic region is opened during arching, the thyroid is stimulated, as well as the lung, heart, spleen, liver, gallbladder are lifted. At the same time the adrenal gland area is stimulated so the endocrine system is further influenced. The endocrine system influences the skin--in particular, wrinkling of the skin. So, when the endocrine system is influenced in this manner, the skin is automatically affected. This exercise stimulates all of the organs of the endocrine system: pineal, hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, adrenals, pancreas, testes, and ovaries. The improvement of the endocrine system will naturally lead to the overall improved elasticity and quality of the skin.

14. Peaceful, calm and very happy

Breast cancer survivor and business owner: “Thank you a million times in good energy. From the bottom of my heart I want to say Thank you to all! I spent the whole weekend making the [Feng Shui] changes to my house [recommended by Master Hong]. Painting, moving fountains, plants, furniture etc. It was a major task that we worked on until 10 pm last night. It was all worth it! I slept like a new baby and woke up feeling amazing! So peaceful, calm and very happy.”

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