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The Five Most Recent Fertility Testimonials

1. I’m Having a Baby!

“I’ve been married many years. We were unable to have children. I went to Grandmaster Hong one time for treatment. Now I am pregnant!”

This couple was a prince and princess from the Middle East. The royalty traveled all the way from their homeland seeking the help and services of Grandmaster Hong. The princess conceived less than a month after one healing session.

2. People Say I am Crazy

I have a healthy, beautiful son. The teachers all say he is talented in understanding human emotions and he does very well in school. He is ahead of the class and gets good grades. Everyone loves him.

When I tell people how this talented son came along in my life, everyone thinks I’m nuts. This is how it all started. Five years ago I was trying to conceive and could not get pregnant. I tried all the western medicine and alternative ways, including in vitro fertilization—to no result.

Someone gave me another solution-- that was to go through natural healing with Grandmaster Hong. They said, ”Maybe Grandmaster Hong can help you with this problem.” I made my appointment and Grandmaster scheduled a special treatment.

Grandmaster and his wife came to my house on a weekend and told me to fill up my tub with warm water. Then he told me to get into it and soak my body in the water for 35 minutes. Grandmaster then said,”I will now send energy into the tub.” I felt this warm, then quite hot, sensation. Grandmaster just told me to relax. My husband and Grandmaster’s wife were standing outside the bathroom. Grandmaster then said, "If you feel like crying, then cry and relax.” I got out of the tub after 30 minutes. I dried myself up and walked out of the room dressed. After this, Grandmaster taught me a moon exercise which I did for 7 evenings straight. Then 1 month later, I got pregnant.

I believe that sometimes, things we do not understand or recognize, we feel as though it’s crazy, but after experiencing this, I believe this is just another way of helping someone. It’s just another alternative. According to the visible facts, it was a miracle. From Grandmaster Hong’s point of view, many energy works look like miracles, but according to inexorable law they are normal. It’s just that we don’t yet understand how it works. This is part of philosophy. A secret will always be kept a secret, but if you know it, it will no longer be a secret.

3. Practicing the Moon Exercise, I Had Stronger Eggs and Got a Baby!

We’ve been married 10 years and had no children. Before, I had concentrated on my work and didn’t want a baby yet--I wanted to be successful. Later, when I got older, I wanted a child, but I didn’t seem able to have one. I tried hormones shots to improve my eggs and in vitro fertilization. Nothing worked. Since I was getting older, I was worried.

Grandmaster Hong told me to use an integrated approach of both western and natural healing methods. I followed Grandmaster Hong’s secrets of women’s energy cycles and periods. I practiced the moon exercise to change my period cycles to follow the moon energy and strengthen my eggs. I practiced body pyramid exercises every day. At the same time, I did in vitro.

I got pregnant! Now I am 42 years old and my baby is 10 months old. In my opinion, western methods are good, but it’s better to also use natural healing methods to improve the percent chances.

The doctors look at the quality of the eggs and sperm. Grandmaster Hong looks at matching your personal energy cycles with the earth’s cycle, the moon’s cycle, and the universe cycle. When they come together, it works. He says the moon and universe energy control the tides and also the body fluids and egg quality. Swimming and surfing in ocean, if you don’t follow the tide, you are continually struggling. If you follow the tide, you can relax and it will push you along. Follow the tide of universal energy, and of the sun, moon, earth, your personal period, all of them together make a baby easily, like it is easy to swim with the tide. Let the energy push you.

4. Qi Gong Baby!

I practice 1-2x a week in Master Hong’s group program at the Arizona Qi Center. My instructor, LauRha Frankfort, and the group energy helped me:
  • get pregnant 2 months after starting qi gong
  • get rid of pregnancy side effects
  • have a beautiful healthy baby girl!
  • recover a toned belly!

5. “My fertility specialist says he never saw such a case.”

I am so excited, surprised and pleased that I still have a chance at having a baby!

Here’s why I’m surprised:

I am 47 years old. For 5 years my FSH was up around 36. I have tried to have a baby all my adulthood but it seemed I had no chance. In May 2010 my period stopped. I didn’t have a period for 9 months. I had hot flashes and all the symptoms of menopause. Then I had 2 cycles and then they stopped completely. Later, in August and September, 2011, periods came, but very weak.

Most importantly, testing showed that the hormones were very bad.

Even though the reports were bad, I still wanted to try against all odds.

For another seven months there were no periods. Grandmaster Hong started me on the Yin Yang Body Pyramid exercises (I call them the Lazy Exercises) and I continued with the Moon Exercise. I tried all the natural healing tips that Grandmaster Hong offered, even ones I really didn’t want to do.

I never gave up hope. I kept at it. On May 7, 2012 I had a light, short period but I got inspired to go for this probable last chance. I started practicing more every day, sometimes Lazy Exercises 1½ hours at a time and Moon Exercise sometimes even 2 hours. I kept focusing on giving it my best shot.

I was rewarded with a period that started June 6 and lasted a week. My breasts were really swollen, and it was good clean blood! So I got tested. My fertility specialist doctor said he never before saw eggs getting stronger like this! The FSH was 12 and estrogen was 19. (Last time my FSH was 36 and I had high estrogen). My fertility specialist says my FSH results are statistically an aberration—he has never seen a case like this. The people in the doctor’s office keep asking what it is that I am doing.

How did I do it? One, I practiced Grandmaster Hong’s “Lazy Exercise”. Two, I did Grandmaster Hong’s Moon Exercise every evening.

Tomorrow the doctor will check if the egg is developing the right size. If it is, then next week the doctor will take the egg out for in vitro fertilization. I am so grateful to Grandmaster Hong.

Hi Grandmaster Hong,

Today went well. They said that I have three follicles developing in the right ovary and two in the left ovary. The left ovary has the largest follicle so it will probably be that follicle that develops into a mature egg for retrieval. I'll be going in on Wednesday to see if the egg is the right size for retrieval if not the next day. I will email on Wednesday to let you know if they take the egg out for fertilization or the next day.

Thank you very much,
[name removed]

Hi Master Hong,

I did like you said to change my period. Just emailing to say that my menstrual cycle started this morning. Very good blood flow and the color is a bright red.

[name removed]

Note: The client is using a western method for a natural healing purpose—short term use of a birth control pill to change the timing of her menstrual cycle. She continues practicing and looks forward to a good result!

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