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The program brings together thousand-year-old healing sounds, unique fat-burning breathing techniques, and special Qi Gong movements and isometrics – all working towards your goal of reaching a healthy, natural weight with a renewed sense of vitality. The secret of the Six Healing Sounds Weight Loss & Weight Management Program lies in its energy-balancing effect on the internal organs, allowing us to address the very cause of the excess weight. We are not only improving the energy of our internal organs for the purpose of creating and maintaining healthy weight. We are also rejuvenating our bodies from the inside out – creating youthfulness throughout the mind, the body, and the facial area, even the hair! As you lean this program, you will see that in the human body, all the systems of the body can affect each other.
  1. Spleen/Stomach Exercises- Digestive system
  2. Liver/Gallbladder Exercises- Detoxify
  3. Heart/Small Intestine Exercises - Circulatory system
  4. Kidney/Bladder Exercises – Enhance Reproductive & Musculoskeletal systems
  5. Lungs/Large Intestine Exercises – Enhance Respiratory & Integumentary Systems
  6. Triple heater & Heart Governor Exercises – Supports Heart, Small & Large Intestines.

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The Golden Eight Qi Gong Exercises have been the subject of a number of medical studies around the world and have been shown to be an excellent means of healing and health maintenance. Each exercise is targeted at improving the function of specific organs and eliminating illness. The Golden Eight Exercises represent the primary internal exercises that balance yin and yang, and I recommend them too many of my clients as a way to unblock the twelve meridian channels of the body. By unblocking these meridians, many diseases can be prevented or treated.
  1. Touch the sky – Triple Heater
  2. The archer – Lungs
  3. Single-handed sky push – Stomach, spleen, liver / gall bladder
  4. Turn, look, and vitalize – Internal organs
  5. Twist and look at your toes – Heart, heart governor and kidneys
  6. Bending in the winds – Kidneys, urinary and reproductive systems
  7. Energy punch – For increasing lung energy
  8. Bouncing vibrations – Spine, bone marrow, central nervous system

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Whether you just want more energy, a longer life, or need a healing process to overcome a challenging health condition, this approach is one of the quickest and most empowering. By opening mind and body to the healing energy of Master Hong and the Universe, you will learn the techniques to stay healthy, strengthen your body and mind’s constitution, reduce stress, and elevate your spirituality. This seminar is suitable for all ages and health conditions. Students attending the seminar will learn and master the “Basic Eight” Qi Gong exercises, the first step in balancing the body for enhanced health and longevity! With practice, each of the exercises will clear specific meridian channels of the body one by one and thus allow for the natural healing of the corresponding organs and systems.
  1. Lung/large intestine
  2. Stomach/spleen
  3. Heart/small intestine
  4. Kidney/bladder
  5. Heart governor/triple heater
  6. Liver/gall bladder
  7. Conception vessel
  8. Governing vessel

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The Yi Jin Jing is a form of Qi Gong designed to slow down the aging process and lead to long life. It strengthens the tendons, builds healthy bones, opens the meridians, and increases strength. Unlike other forms in which each exercise in the sequence works a few meridians, almost all the Yi Jin Jing exercises work all twenty meridians, directly or indirectly. The integrated result is that the qi swells and ebbs over the body like a wave. This form is used both for healers and martial artists.
  1. Preparation Exercises
  2. Embrace the Universe
  3. Open your Heart
  4. Behold the Heavens
  5. Sweep the Stars
  6. Harvesting the Energy
  7. Reach for the Horizon
  8. Scan the Horizon
  9. Rooted Tree
  10. Dragon Reaches Out
  11. Tiger Roams
  12. Bow to the Earth
  13. Moon River (Finishing Exercise)

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For those who have completed Beginning Qi Gong or have some Qi Gong Exercise background, the Intermediate Qi Gong seminar includes a more sophisticated, higher level series of exercises called the Rejuvenation Series. These exercises rebalance the body by clearing the 8 extra channels simultaneously, resolving blockages that result from the effects of aging or the disease process. Rejuvenation has for centuries been believed to have a positive effect on the hormonal system. Past students have reported reversal of menopause, strengthening of the bones & joints, and a return to earlier sexual functioning.
  1. The Wave
  2. Shake Chatter and Roll
  3. Infinity
  4. Scoop the Moon
  5. Swimming in Qi
  6. Swimming Frog slide
  7. Butterfly style
  8. One-legged Frog
  9. Swimming Dragon
  10. Shake the Tail
  11. Swimming Dragon
  12. Circles of Harmony
  13. Earth Energy
  14. Hip and shoulder
  15. Curl up
  16. Lower Torso Exercise
  17. Legs Lift
  18. Abdominal Breathing

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These 12 combined sitting form Qi Gong consist of prime practices of internal gong coalesced from thousands of years of qi gong knowledge. Three of the twelve gongs are moving forms. The others are physically motionless but involve internal qi movement. This is a high form, which balances the Yin and Yang internally. The 12 Sitting Exercises, being a gentle form, also is appropriate for ill or old people. These gongs delay aging and train your mind and focus.
  1. Baby-fists
  2. Biting the Teeth to wake you up
  3. Beating the Drum
  4. Shaking the Post
  5. Tongue gathers Saliva
  6. Warming the Kidneys
  7. Cooking the Pearl
  8. Arm-circles
  9. Sitting “Touch the Sky”
  10. Bend your back and grab your Feet
  11. Swallowing saliva in Thirds
  12. Yin Meditation
  13. Finishing exercises

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