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Drug Detoxification Research
Drug Wellness Program Natural & Unique Lifestyle Influencing Freedom & Eradication
1st Phase Summary Report

The NULIFE program includes 2 phases over a course of a year: the in-house portion ran 21 days, from Nov. 28- Dec. 18., focusing on detoxification and withdrawal symptoms, and the follow-up 2nd phase outpatient portion will run for 11 months programs, focusing on craving.

“Other programs made me sleep my addiction off, locked me up with too much rules and restrictions, making me angry and stressed out, wanting me to go out on the street again... The program helped me to apply my total mind and body into getting better.”

10 students (8 male and 2 female), ranging in age from 16 to 57, participated in the program with the range of drugs abused including crystal meth-amphetamine, cocaine, marijuana and alcohol. 70% of the students are of Hawaiian descent. The years of abuse ranged from 5-40, averaging one-half of their lives with substance addiction. As many as 60% have been incarcerated for periods of 3 days up to 6 years, but at least 2 of them have been in and out of prison more than 20 times. 80% of the students have been in other treatment programs and two of them have been in and out of at least four. Every student has suffered some major impact on their life, such as divorce or disassociation with family members become of substance abuse.

The 1st phase of the program achieved its intended result. 100% detoxification with 95% of withdrawal symptoms resolved in the first three days.

Some drug rehab programs use pharmaceutical drugs to wean addicts off the hard drugs, and are based on compulsory administrative procedures that treat the students like inmates.

“The program helped me see my problems with drug addictions in a whole new light... I have been to other treatment centers and their answer to my drug addiction was more drugsgo figure.”-other student What accounts for these improvements? The NULIFE program represents an innovative approach to rehabilitation, incorporating comprehensive, systematic natural healing methods leading to deeper levels of detoxification and rapid cessation of withdrawal symptoms to resolution of drug-related diseases. The following two cases exhibit how the program not only detoxifies toxins, but also disorders and disease.

Matt: Age 29 Use: ice, marijuana. 12 years use, 1 previous program. On day 1 of the program all the students went through liver and kidney function, salivary cortisol, and GDV testing. Matt's hospital laboratory test report showed that the AST (SGOT) and ALT (SGPT) (liver markers) were abnormal—indicating that his liver function had ice-related damage. 18 days later, these two liver markers were normal.

Wyatt: Age 16 Use: marijuana, cocaine, 5 years use. Wyatt's hospital lab report showed that his kidney function had five abnormal markers (CO2, Anion Gap, BUN, Calcium and Albumin). 18 days later, all were normal. From the perspective of conventional medicine using pharmaceutical, this result in nothing less than extraordinary.

One of the unique aspects of the program is that both physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms are related to internal organ imbalances. For example, Liver energy is related to tendon throughout the body (physical) and anger, repressed or expressed, (emotional). Kidney energy regulates bone, bone marrow and body fluids (physical), and fear and depression (emotional). Anxiety, mood swings and other psychological imbalances, on an emotional level, are related to a combination of heart, lung and spleen energy.

“I came into this program very angry, and by force of my grandparent. I walked into this program with an 'I hate the world attitude. I don't belong here, and these people are crazy…’ I have been fortunate enough to have witnessed with my own eyes healing from GrandMaster Hong. I truly believe in everything this program has taught us and his technique of working from the inside to outer beauty—all by natural healing.”

“Other treatment programs were based upon brainwashing, mental, intimidating treatments, and I couldn’t accept or relate to getting sober, only continuous relapsing... My three sons, whom I love very much, was losing their love, trust, and slowly coming to the point of not wanting anything to do with me…This NULIFE program cleansed my mind, body, soul, spirit, and personality towards stability so I’m able to focus on energy for myself. I have a renewed bond with my mom and the support and love of my sons that I have long hoped for.”

“I have been using heroin and ice for 16 years, have been in and out of prison and drug rehabs, and would rob, cheat, or steal from anyone, including my family. I cared about nothing but getting high—until this program. After a life-changing experience with Master Hong, I believe with all my heart that the program works. The feeling of 'healing from the inside out,' is unexplainable—all the bad energy that was inside is gone and I have been filled with positive energy.”

For Shila and Renee, their anger, caused by the damage to their livers from drug abuse, led to estrangement from the world or family, respectively. For Desmond, his violent behavior is also related from drug abuse and the damage to his liver and other internal organs. The change that took place in only three weeks for them, gives hopes that families can be healed and headway can be made in social order relating to crime and violence.

The program represents natural healing practices as the main intervention and conventional drug rehab treatment methods (including counseling and group activities) in a support role. The intent is that by using the best of both approaches, a new path with decreased recidivism rates can be realized.

In conclusion, the program interventions enabled the students to look and feel better. Most importantly, however, is that the lab reports, the research data, support why they look and feel better.