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Herbal Patches for Asthma
Are They Effective?
Twelve volunteer research subjects, each having asthma, were studied on July 19, the first of three 2008 Asthma Humanitarian Events. The subjects were tested with a spirometer before having herbal patches applied, and then again near the time of their removal, twenty-four hours later.

Chart 1: FVC


Do herbal patches, applied to specific points on the body, have a positive effect on lung function?

Two kinds of readings were taken using the spirometer. They were: Forced Vital Capacity (FVC) - the largest volume of air a person can rapidly blow out of their lungs and Forced Expiratory Volume-1 (FEV1) - the amount of air a person can blow out in a second. Increases in those readings would indicate less airflow obstruction and therefore improved lung function.

The data from those readings showed 66.7% of the participants improved their lung function for both FVC (see Chart 1) and FEV1 (see Chart 2).

The conclusion was that herbal patches on the correct points may have a positive effect on asthmatic lungs. Further research with a larger sample is needed for significance.

One subject initially showed lung function at the level of an 89-year old. At the follow-up reading, the subject’s lung function had improved to the level of a 53-year-old.

Chart 2: FEV1

Watch the Updates for the complete asthma findings after the third Summer event!

Also watch the Updates for our January Winter Immunity Event’s 6 month blood test findings!

Herbal patching is easy, takes little time, and has few or no side effects. With today’s unaffordably high medical costs, doesn’t it make sense to add this to the treatment you are using?

The full effect of the herbal patching comes after three consecutive years. Patching is on the three “hottest” summer days to help the lungs and on the three “coldest” winter days to improve immunity.

You get some benefit each time you are patched. Don't miss your last chance for free summer patches on August 18! Held in Honolulu, Oahu and Lihue, Kauai.

If you are not in Hawaii, patches and instructions can be purchased by calling the L.A. office at 626-445-4284.