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Natural Healing Research
New Research Initiative: Natural Healing for Heart Disease
It his clinic in Los Angeles, Master Hong Liu outlined a program of heart disease treatment and prevention, that will duly be experimentally tested in hospital and clinical settings. The small conference was attended by Peggy Kincaid, MFT, who will conduct these clinical trials in participating San Francisco Bay Area hospitals. Also in attendance were Lynn Thomas, Graciela Smith, and Arthur Azdair, who are qigong apprentices of Master Hong; lastly, Arthur Chen, translating.

In the coming months, Peggy Kincaid is set to personally conduct clinical trials designed around the specific program of heart disease treatment outlined by Master Hong, aimed at determining the effectiveness of the treatment methods involved. At the heart of the treatment program is a regimen of specifically tailored qigong exercises to be instructed to patients participating in the studies. Dietary prescriptions, message therapy, exercise and meditation, all based on Chinese energetic principles, are combined under a holistic, natural healing approach in the treatment system.

The forthcoming clinical studies will initiate a broad program of scientific research of qigong, as envisioned by Master Hong, who has long recognized the importance of validating the legitimacy of medical qigong effects by rigid scientific standards.

In the past, Master Hong has conducted or participated in experiments in universities in China and Taiwan, as well as USC and UCLA, dealing with the molecular effects of qigong emitted on various substances. With the forthcoming studies, he now plans to direct scientific investigation towards the domain of the clinical application of qigong. Another series of experiments will study the effects of qigong on cancer cells.

Past scientific studies on qigong have demonstrated the physical reality of its effects on various substances, including human DNA. Because of the unique nature of qigong and its mediation via the human mind and body, experimental science faces an interesting challenge in trying to unravel the mechanism of qigong, and modern science may yet have a long way to go before comprehending the phenomenon. But because of its enormous potential to expand our understanding of human body and mind, and to revolutionize our approach to life and disease, scientists cannot afford to neglect this future area of scientific inestigation.

Master Hong with Dr. Andrew Weil.

Master Hong Liu's current initiative in qigong research is actually part of a broader program of promoting and elevating natural healing and holistic medicine--a topic that he discussed with Andrew Weil, in a personal meeting with the eminent doctor last February. Master Hong avowed to engage in the scientific research of natural healing methods; to cull from the rich array of the world's indigenous healing traditions and improve upon the best that are found; to apply natural healing methods as a badly needed complement to failing conventional techniques; and to promote and educate about the benefits of various forms of natural healing at large.