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Life Energy Mapping™ Consultation
The vicissitudes of life follow rhythms and patterns that are often not discernible to the average person. This is equally applicable to what we often refer to as the "ups" and "downs" of life. Few people or businesses are aware of these rhythms or patterns, and are thus unaware of what the future "holds" for them. Many, if not most of us, are of the opinion that life is predetermined and that there is nothing we can do to change what we call our "fate." These rarely discernible underlying rhythms, patterns and/or phases of our life apply to, among other things, our longevity, business, career, health, money and financial, family, marital and societal relationships.

The philosophy behind Master Hong's Life Energy Mapping™ rests upon the recognition that regardless of the apparently "predetermined" nature of one's life, there are many different possibilities, opportunities and directions one's life can take, all of which to some degree are dependent upon the apparently "predetermined" pattern or patterns one recognizes and chooses to follow.

One way to view this process is that of seeing one's birth or the commencement of any enterprise as already being a manifestation of a certain direction, sustained by pre-existing patterns. The unaware person recognizes this as "one's lot in life," and essentially that is the end of the matter. If a person, however, becomes aware of these patterns, in a sense, of his or her root and changing strengths and weaknesses, and begins to make choices based upon this awareness, then what that person does after and with his or her birth, to a large degree is in his or her own hands.

One way to put it is that each individual or endeavor (business or otherwise) is born with an energy outline, sort of a personal map, and that while it cannot be changed, per se, it holds many different possibilities and opportunities, most of which can only be accessed after one recognizes the basic outline and then begins to makes choices based upon that recognition. And just like a road map, in which there are many different directions to the same goal, the finer and subtler opportunities (in this case "roads") only become available after one has made some basic choices as to which main road or roads to follow.

On the other hand, without this awareness, people often find themselves struggling with and throughout their entire life, "going against the grain," as we often say. Some of the more typical incidents of this problem are those in which we see people continually attempting to work in a field for which they are not suited and/or in which opportunities for advancement and success simply do not arise for them. In a broader sense, we also see people who have strong dreams about their imaged careers, but if these dreams do not match their birth energy outline, if it is "not in the cards for them," then no matter how much time or effort they expend in that direction, they will never accomplish their goal.

Master Hong is an Energy Master. He looks at, over the course of a person's (or business's) lifetime, the extant energy patterns, and by so doing is able to tell that person or business who or what they really are, and how to maximize his, her or its potential, while minimizing his, her or its weaknesses. For more information, please contact Miracles@qimaster.com.