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Remote Energy Work Consultation
Remote Energy Work is a special service that the Master provides for clients who either live great distances from him or have an immediate need for services. This is a dimension of energy work that few others possess. It is actually more accurate to refer to this process as the ďremote transmission of Qi.Ē The work is the same as a face-to-face consultation, except that Master diagnoses and sends the energy through the telephone. Remote Energy Work, for some, is hard to understand, but the results can sometimes be even more effective than physically being in the Masterís presence as the absence of conscious resistance on the part of the client due to their emotions or their family members can sometimes be a block for the client in receiving Masterís energy.

This is my best day in so long! What I mean by that is I am sleeping better and I have less gas. I have more strength. I used to have no energy in the mornings. I could hardly move, then slowly my energy would build through the day. Now I have more energy starting right in the mornings!

Iíve struggled with chemical sensitivity for 6 years. Regular doctors donít address this. I went to an environmental doctor who gave me different supplements but it didnít help much. For the past year I was exhausted all the time. Saliva tests showed my adrenals were getting more and more exhausted. Doctors recommended a hydrocortisone treatment but I was afraid of its effect on my organs. I was clutching at straws that someone could solve my problem naturally instead. I also had chronic diarrhea and gas.

My chiropractor referred me to Master Hong. We were planning for me to see Master Hong in person, but I started getting weaker before we could. My life was getting smaller and smaller, limited to the energy level of weak kitten. It became too exhausting to come to L.A., so my chiropractor told me about the Master Hongís remote healings. I opted for that.

After the first remote healing, I decided to try Master Hongís approach for awhile before deciding if I would use the hydrocortisone treatment. I could feel so much energy moving to various places in my body during the remote healing!

As of two weeks into following the program Master designed for me, I was feeling stronger, less down or worried, and my stools sometimes were less loose. Now two months into my program, I am feeling even more better. The exercises make a big difference in my energy levelóif I miss a day the difference is obvious.

April 13, 2007

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