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Infertility Consultation

Infertility affects approximately 10% of people of reproductive age, and 15% of couples. Roughly 40% of cases involve a male contribution or factor, 40% involve a female factor, and the remainder involves both sexes.

From the perspective of conventional medicine, treatment of infertility usually starts with medication. In vitro fertilization (IVF) in addition to various forms and developments of it (ICSI, ZIFT, GIFT) is another solution. They all include that the fertilization takes place outside the body. On the other hand, an insemination can make fertilization inside the body. Other techniques are e.g. tuboplasty, assisted hatching and PGD.

Master Hong has assisted hundreds of couples who have had problems conceiving. His approach is based on natural healing principles and energy practices seeking to bring into balance specific internal organ energy and universal energy. There is no set program for infertility, because each couple will have different energetic imbalances. For more information, please contact Miracles@qimaster.com.