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Sports Injury Consultation: Part I

Note: William Song, the editor-in-chief of M Weekly, conducted the following interview with Master Hong on sports injuries. This is an advance copy of the interview, which has been translated into English.

William Song (WS): I thought it would be interesting to talk with you about sports injuries. Can Qi Gong Energy Work be effective for sports injuries?

Master Hong (MH): Yes. Qi Gong is extremely effective for sports injuries, especially new or fresh injuries. These are the type of injuries that most worry athletes, trainers, coaches, and management. Emitting External Qi can have what some people call miraculous effects: pain relief, the alleviation of inflammation and swelling, even allowing the athlete to continue competing in the game or event.

WS: Given the nature of professional sports nowadays, the impact of an injured player can affect not only the outcome of a game or a series, but potentially a team's fortunes for the season. The economic consequences alone can be devastating to a team, and potentially even its city. Why aren't sports teams fighting over you?

MH: Mainly because they don't know about me and my special abilities. I haven't been in the States that long, but in China I worked on many Olympic squads including, swimming, diving, track and field, table tennis, volleyball, soccer, and basketball. I helped hundreds of professional athletes, and was requested to be at all the major competitions to make use of my skills with positive results.

WS: How do you help athletes injured during a competition or game?

MH: My approach is quite unique: I use my energy and intent to emit External Qi through my body/hands to the injured athlete. This is specific to a fresh or new injury because the changes to the body, brought on by the trauma of the injury have not set in. Qi Gong diagnosis and Energy Work is quite different to conventional treatment. Qi Gong Energy Work is a special branch of knowledge that require several decades of training to perfect. First, I would scan the athlete's energy channels to ascertain where their problem or blockage was located. I can view the body's energy pathways in a way that an ordinary person would look at the athlete's uniform. I can tell where the origin of the problem is, which manifests not just as swelling in the injured area, but also as a blockage or obstruction in an energy channel. The result of the blockage is normally pain, inflammation, and swelling. Also, once there is blockage in a particular energy channel, the inner circulation is also impaired.

WS: What might an athlete experience when you implement Energy Work?

MH: The athlete's injured part of the body receives my energy, and the injured part will react in one of many ways, be it vibrate, shake, or ripple slightly. The athlete will experience the External Qi as one of the following physical sensations: cold, hot, tingling or itching, numbness, or an expansive feeling. A warm or numb sensation shows that the circulation in the damaged energy channel is improving. A cold feeling shows that the bad energy is moving out of the energy channel and out of the body. A tingling sensation shows that the nerves are recovering. An expansive feeling shows that the swelling is dissipating. The process starts at the injured areas small group of bone, muscles, tendons, and ligaments to the larger group including the associated internal organs, and ultimately affecting the entire energetic body. Which feeling the athlete experiences will depend on where the injury occurred, and the degree/scope of the injury. After a moment, the feeling subsides as does the pain and swelling, and the athlete will likely be able to return to the competition. This is why External Qi can quickly resolve athletes' injuries. Those who haven't experienced or seen this type of Qi Gong Energy Work would call it a miracle.

WS: How long would the healing process require, from injury to getting back in the game or event?

MH: Normally, diagnosis and the Energy Work take between 10-20 minutes. Generally, ten minutes is enough.

WS: Wow, that is amazing! What about older injuries?

MH: Older injuries will normally require a little more time. In addition to the above procedure, I may need to use my hands on specific points on the athlete's body. Serious injuries will also require taking herbs and application of external poultices. Even though it may require some time, it is better than surgery in terms of time (normally one-fourth of the time), effectiveness, and the affected area will not be suffer the adverse effects of surgery. Also, there are no side effects to this type of Energy Work.

WS: Why do older injuries require more time?

MH: An older injury means that negative changes have set in the area surrounding the problem part of the body, relative to the muscles, tendon, ligament, nerve groups, circulation--and this has become set. To reverse this situation, additional methods are required to allow these groups to return to the original situation.

People in the West don't pay attention to the energy levels of their internal organs, but in Qi Gong Energy Work it is crucial. If the energy in one or more of these critical internal organs is weak, then taking herbs (teas and supplements) will bolster the energy levels. Even though they don't taste particularly pleasant, they are extremely effective in the healing process. External poultices will help with pain and swelling. If the athlete's energy level is high, they will recover faster. If it is low, then the healing process will be slower. Bone, tendon, muscle, ligament, and nerve recovery is directly related to the extant energy in the liver, kidneys, and spleen. For example, if an athlete breaks a bone, and their kidney energy is strong, the bone will heal faster. Tendon and cartilage problems are related to the liver energy, and muscle problems are related to the spleen. This approach and methodology is difficult for people in the West to believe, but in my Energy Work with thousands of people with varying physical illnesses, the results have been outstanding.