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Awakening Healing Energy

My significant other was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. We took Master Hong's Basic 8 Workshop together. We then proceeded to do Qi Gong every morning up to the time of treatment. We both felt great, I teach yoga and I felt an extra surge of energy each day. He went through the surgery, recovery, radiation treatment, and did miraculously well without any side effects. We know it was the Qi Gong that made the difference.

Sherry Zumbrunnen, RN, HN-BC

Awakening the Power Within, also referred to as Basic 8, is a multi-dimensional workshop. It is designed for individuals whom are fighting disease, have joint or muscular pain, and for those seeking a regimen to help themselves on a preventive level. It is also a good starting point for those interested in energetic forms and practices to help them on the path to health, longevity, and realizing their potential.

In the workshop, Master teaches the Basic 8 Form and much more. Every Master Hong workshop is a unique experience as he customizes the content specific to the participants. In addition to the Form, Master presents the mind-body dynamic from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including meridians, internal organs, 5 elements, and energetic psychology. He also provides natural foods and recipes, demonstrates how to activate reflexology points, and Qi Gong Medical practices for a variety of health and wellness issues, including digestive system, high blood pressure, sleep, jetlag, and many more.

The Form is designed to help open blockages in the twelve meridians of the body. According to TCM, disease stems from blockage in the meridians, which over time will affect the function of the body’s critical internal organs. For example, blockage in the liver meridian will lead to imbalances in the liver (internal organ). The good news is that blockage can be moved out. Thousands of people have taken this workshop with tangible results in terms of their physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual wellness.

My severe neck and back pain disappeared during the workshop. Even after going to a chiropractor there was still a kink in my back…now it is all gone. This is what I have been looking for. It is so incredible. I would like the rest of my family to take the classes too, everyone can benefit from the experience… all they have to do is just be open to it.