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Free Form Workshop

Due to age, sickness, and environmental factors, our original selves have been “distorted.” The Free Form Workshop is an advanced practice that teaches us to tap into our unconscious awareness to heal ourselves.

Master Hong

Another way of looking at the “distortion” that Master Hong refers to is “imbalance.” Imbalance leads to blockage (that which impedes the flow of energy through the meridians) and it leads to disease.

The Free Form Workshop takes the aphorism, “we all have the innate ability to heal ourselves,” and ups the ante several notches. Free Form starts you on the path of advanced energy practices. Under the Master’s guidance, you will experience a state of mind where the seepage of thoughts (internal dialogue) gradually slows down. At that point, the unconscious energy/awareness arises and directs the body to do what’s necessary to bring it back into balance. Be it disease, chronic joint or muscular pain, or a desire for increased longevity, Free Form is the type of practice that can lead to miracles.

The Free Form Workshop begins with Standing Form to build energy in the Lower Dan Tian (the energy center of the body that controls our physical health), and then this energy moves through the Extraordinary Vessels to remove blockage and balance internal organ energy. The workshop also teaches Animal Form, which is another vehicle to tap into the unconscious energy and achieve balance.

It is interesting to note that Qi Gong Medical Exercises came out of ancient Masters practice of Free Form. As this is an advanced practice, it is recommended that you take either Awakening Healing Energy or Rejuvenation before Free Form. Healers or those who have prior experience in energetic practices can directly participate.

I found the 5 Element Theory invaluable relating to other people. The animal transformation was totally awesome and the relation to the other animals and organs helped me to understand others and their situations. The next day at work there was such a calm about me and the day progressed productively… I believe it changed my life's direction and how I perceive the world and myself. It allowed me more depth and clarity into all that is and all that surrounds we humans. I now can feel the stomach muscles. I have more determination. I can identify inspiration with clarity I never had before. Many thanks.…I loved it…If you wish personal growth and realization, this workshop must be experienced.