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Master Hong
Master Hong


9.10.2011 | Arizona

Rejuvenation Workshop

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Rejuvenation Workshop

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure this spring. While using various alternative therapies, I was also on western meds and having bad side effects from them. Within a few days of taking the Rejuvenation workshop, I felt dramatically better Ė and didnít have the side effects from the drugs any longer. I have continued the practices regularly since the workshop and my blood pressure is dropping. The cardiologist was so pleased with the results, she told me as I stabilized the BP, I could reduce the meds and didnít need to see her for 6 mos. In addition she asked I send her the info on Master Hong

Cyndi, Arizona

Aging and disease begin in the internal organs and meridians. Rejuvenation is a powerful form that opens all the meridians through each of the exercises. The workshop is suited to all ages in that it revitalizes and protects our vital internal organs. It is for those who want to reinvigorate themselves and lead a healthier more vibrant life.

Rejuvenation has led to documented results for persons challenged by diabetes and heart disease, arthritis, and it represents a vehicle to strengthen bones and joints, enhance libido and function, replenish skin, and improvement in chronic conditions. A womanís menstrual cycle is a barometer of her overall health. Menopausal symptoms can all be attributed to different internal organ imbalances. Many women have reported significant improvements through the Rejuvenation Workshop, be it pre-menopause, during menopause, and post-menopause.

Master Hong received the transmission of this powerful form from his female Daoist Master, Master Wen after spending many years with her in a cave in Southern China. The Rejuvenation Form was the heart of her longevity practices. She lived to be 108 years old.

For the past three years, I lived with low-level pain in all my joints (especially my wrists, elbows, and knees). Nothing debilitating, just an unpleasant reminder that I was aging. I prefer not to take pain relievers, so I would just cope with the discomfort. Secretly, I wondered ...if this was what 53 years old felt like, what would it be like at 63 or 73? After a while, you forget what it is like to live without pain. I just assumed that life should be this way because was I aging. After the first day of Master Hong's workshop, I woke up without my normal level of aches and pains. Within a few days, I didn't ache at all. As long as I do my Qi Gong exercises, I remain pain free and I have more energy to get through my day. While I would like to say, I've been an ideal student, I haven't. Yet, during those periods of sometimes infrequent practice, my pain has not returned to the level it once was.

Betty Pruitt, Phoenix, AZ August 2006