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4.4.2009 | Colorado

4-Season Workshop

5.2.2009 | Los Angeles

4-Season Workshop

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4-Season Workshop
Class I: Spring/Summer
Beginning with the Spring/Summer Class, Grandmaster Hong Liu is unveiling one of two most powerful workshops to date, for enhanced health, vitality, focus, success, fulfillment, and longevity. Each of the Four Season classes will offer timely self-healing methods which harness the potential of Chinese natural healing and energy-based practices developed some 5000 years ago.

In Chinese medicine, the most common illnesses which are directly linked to Spring/Summer seasonal imbalances are the following: strokes, high blood pressure, upper respiratory disease, asthma, colds, depression, SAD, anxiety, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, high triglycerides, and anemia. These seasonal imbalances are likewise confirmed by studies conducted by the National Institute of Health providing further evidence that seasonal energy fields which surround us are positively or negatively influencing our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states. Contributing further evidence that gravitational changes created by the sun, moon, and stars not only produce seasonal changes which affect our well-being in tangible ways (weather, crops, trees, etc...) but also affect our internal organs in intangible ways (sleeping, eating, emotional, mental patterns and even personal success).

In the Spring/Summer class, Grandmaster Hong Liu will discuss the impact which such Spring/Summer imbalances particularly have on the functions of the liver and heart. He will then teach time tested self-healing methods and the unique practical means which have been known to successfully relieve or prevent seasonal imbalances.

The Spring/Summer class will offer instruction on the use of the following health-supportive regimen:
  • Self-healing energy meditation
  • Medical Qi Gong exercises
  • Healing foods and herbs
  • Reflexology technique