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Yi Jing
The Yi Jing is known as an ancient method for prediction, yet it is much more. The Yi Jing presents an entire cosmological view and primer for life. It is at once a philosophy, social science, and a physical science. Learn a new way to understand your world and move within it most effectively. In this course, Master Hong teaches you how to use the Yi Jing to find guidance in 24 realms of life, including love, business, family, finance, luck, etc. He also introduces you to some of the many methods of analyzing Yi Jing results for deeper insight and solutions. Master Hong provides you with a comprehensive Yi Jing manual that he developed specifically for directness and ease of use. You will also learn how the Yi Jing is the historical root of Traditional Chinese Medicine, diagnosis, healing work, acupuncture treatments, herbal remedies, healing food, sexual skill on fulfillment and energy exchange, youthfulness and longevity.

The Workshop includes a thorough grounding in the developmental history of Qi Gong, including the different schools and techniques, philosophy, Yin Yang theory, 5 Element theory, Meridian theory, Internal Organs, Extraordinary Vessels, and Muscle Regions. Two new Forms will also be taught—Golden Eight and 12 Sitting.