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Heart Disease Testimonials

A recent test showed that my father's three of the four main carotid arteries were completely blocked, plus one had an aneurysm. Doctors told him there was nothing he can do since my father is a high risk for surgery. He also has diabetes and high blood pressure. Doctors told him to stay at home and don't go out, afraid that he may take a fall. I took my father to see Dr. Jon Ho who works with Energy Healing. My father was open to the idea since we have known Dr. Jon all of our lives. My father became optimistic and started feeling better… Later we found out that Dr. Jon was a student of Master Hong. I watched Master Hong as he did Energy Healing on my Dad. He also showed us the blocked meridians in his body. He prescribed herbs and Qi Gong exercises. He also reviewed what he should and should not eat. Three weeks after my dad saw Master Hong, dad's blood sugar level returned to normal. He doesn't have to take any pills, and his cholesterol level dropped from 190 to 110. My dad diligently follows Master Hong's advice on herbs to take and healing foods to eat. My father feels stronger and looks much better. His doctors are absolutely amazed! We are so thankful for Master Hong.

CH, October 2004 Oahu