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Bladder Problem Testimonials

“As my husband neared retirement age he began wetting the bed at night. This was very embarrassing to him and inconvenient for us both. It was just about every night. We stopped staying at relatives’ homes on the mainland because of that. It was awkward to stay at a hotel instead--we couldn’t really explain. With 5 minutes of energy work for that problem by Master Hong, during an appointment for another purpose, he was dry that night and every night since.”

Anonymous, Honolulu, HI
February, 2006

Facial Outbreak, Impetigo gone with herbal enema

Thank you very much for the herbal enema material! My facial outbreak decreased 50% DURING the first treatment! I continued the process for several days afterward until the swelling, itching and inflammation subsided.

I saw a dermatologist a day before the herbal treatment started. They did a biopsy. Ten days later that wrote to say the symptoms were caused by impetigo. So, now we know that the herbal enemy can successfully treat impetigo!

Cliff Johnson, Atlanta, GA
April 09, 2007