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Lung Disease Testimonials
Asthma Case 1

My allergies have greatly improved from attending the asthma event from two years ago. I don’t have to go through those trips of stuffing running nose, sinus headaches, eyes watery every morning and sneezing It was a really a trip since it would start all over again every morning. Oh my god it went on for over 30 years. I would not be able to function even with medications. I took Alevert and 6 to 8 capsules of Benadryl every day for 7 years. I was one of the worst cases of allergies. It was awful. Everything bothered me. In addition to the sinus problems, I had food and chemical allergies. I was a complete mess. Since attending the Qi Center’s asthma event two years ago, I have had complete relief and it has gotten better and better and better. I don’t have to go through that suffering anymore. It’s wonderful and it works.

Rhonda Lizama, Kapaa, Hawaii
August 20, 2006

Asthma Case 2
30 years of sinus headaches gone

For 30 years, I’ve had allergies, sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, stuffy nose and awful sinus headaches. Every spring the mango blossoms would start blooming and it would start the sinus headaches. Then in the winter the mock orange blossoms would trigger the cycle over and over again.

Every morning, I would get up with sinus headaches and since attending the Asthma Humanitarian at Qi Center event 2 years ago, they are gone, absolutely gone! I am amazed. I have had no sinus pressure and I can freely breathe through my nose. I had been taking medications for decades…The worst part of the 30 years were the headaches that were sometimes debilitating. This is a huge improvement… I believe in this foundation…I have been involved with nonprofit organizations for over 20 years and have seen the results of these Qi Center’s health humanitarian events. I hope they continue for the future generations.

Katie Beer, Kauai, Hawaii
July 31, 2006

Asthma Case 3
Severe asthma attacks for 60 years stopped

I’ve had a history of yearly asthma attacks for 60 years and even ended up in the hospital for a week from an attack. At the same time, I’ve also had allergies, hay fevers, uncontrollable coughing and sneezing. I was on medication and inhalers the entire time. Since attending the Asthma Humanitarian event three years ago, my asthma and allergies have greatly improved and I do not have the severe attacks. My breathing is clearer for the first time. Due to the results of the first event, I’ve attended every one [event] and do the exercises every day…It is wonderful of the Qi Center to offer this service to the community.”

D.Y., Lihue, Kauai
July 24, 2006

Asthma Case 4
No more wheezing, no more inhaler for past year

For six years, I always wheezed at night. I used an inhaler and it would not stop. I wheezed three to four times a week. I just could not get over the wheezing. I had to prop up my head with a pillow. My doctor sent me to specialists. I got more medication and it did not help. I went to Master Hong’s Asthma Humanitarian Event and the wheezing stopped. This was one year ago. I do not use an inhaler anymore and have not had any more episodes.... I am very pleased. It has made a big difference in my life.

Jessie Muramaru, age 74, Kauai,
June 30, 2005

Asthma Case 5

On September 29, 2003 I had a total knee replacement. Following the surgery, I developed respiratory problems which led to severe asthma. For a year, the doctors treated me for lung infections, a constant cough, and asthma. By October, 2004 I was on: nasal saline spray, nasonex, advair, albuterol, tylenol, plus diovan, advicor, and prevacid. My breathing was not getting better, and I was sick from all the medication! When my husband and I left for Kauai in October, I left all the medication behind and prayed for a cure. On the plane, I read an article about Master Hong Liu. Yes, I had read his book, Mastering Miracles, a few years earlier. My prayer had been answered.

On December 27, 2004 Master Hong Liu consulted with me. Before I could tell him my problems, HE TOLD ME WHERE MY MERIDIANS WERE BLOCKED!!! He was right on the mark. I left his office with herbs, exercises, and a food plan. My resolve was strong. With Master Hong's advice, I would beat asthma! I saw my primary doctor on February 7, 2005. I told him that my asthma was gone. He said, "We'll see about that." Taking out his stethoscope, he listened all over my chest and back. With a long pause he retorted," You’re right. Your asthma IS gone."

Meredith Paddock, Irvine, CA
July 19, 2005