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Infertility Testimonials
Case 1

Vivian Young and her family with Master .

“Vivian Young is one of his lucky patients. While Master Hong has many amazing stories of healing, Vivian sought out Master Hong for a slightly different reason. ‘My husband and I had been trying for many years to have another child. Our first in vitro attempt was unsuccessful. So when I saw Master Hong Liu on Unsolved Mysteries, I knew he was the one.’ (says Vivian) Since Western medicine failed to help her, she decided to use Master Hong’s energy sessions and follow his advice. She received an energy treatment, herbs and Qi gong exercises from Master Hong. Vivian, at the time we talked to her, was four months pregnant.” Hawaiian Moving Company TV episode

Vivian Young
From Hawaiian Moving Company TV episode, 1998

Follow Up:

Vivian was 48 and her husband was 60 when their twin girls were born. In second grade, the teachers reported that they were reading at the 4th grade level. The twins are now a healthy 8 years old. November, 2006

Case 2

Six month after seeing Master Hong.

The above forty-something woman came to Master Hong for help with infertility and with staying pregnant. She had tried western methods and an acupuncturist without success for 6 years. When she saw Master Hong, she committed to following his program. There are 3 main parts to the program:

  • Aligning the energy of the body with the energy of the Universe by practicing the Moon exercise and by matching the menstrual cycle with the cycle of the moon
  • Open blocked meridians in the body by practicing medical Qi Gong exercises that are individually chosen to target the problem areas for the specific woman.
  • Balancing the internal organs with herbal supplements recommended by Master Hong.

Six months later her miracle occurred- she conceived. Six months pregnant now, she reports she feels good and she feels fantastic about having a baby. She is looking forward to Master Hong’s free distant healing holiday gift; the doctors have told her she will need a Caesarean, but she hopes to have a normal birth.

Case 3

Sixteen-year-old twins.

Shortly after Master Hong’s arrival in the United States in 1991, Master Hong helped a couple faced with infertility. The parents are very grateful to Master Hong for the twins they had. This photo shows that the 16 year-old twins are healthy and happy.