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Cosmetic Surgery Rehab Testimonials

I admit to being a vain woman. Iíve had 3 facelifts. After each surgery Iíve suffered through a long period of pain and convalescence. I vowed I would never do it again. Several years later, I would become dissatisfied with what my mirror was showing me. I remembered the compliments I got after the last procedure, and would consider maybe having another surgery. The memory of the pain was still there, but it wasnít so strong. I wondered if I could get the positive results without the side effects. I had done energy work with Master Hong the previous year for lower back pain, with excellent results, so I called to see if he could help me with a facelift procedure. The Master said he could. He designed a complete program from before, during and after the surgery. The pain I experienced was lessened considerably, the recovery period was shortened, and my doctor kept asking me what I had done as the results were faster and deeper than he had expected. My husband, children, friends all felt I looked much younger. They asked if I had found the ĎFountain o Youth.í With Master in my corner, I am now contemplating a breast augmentation. Though I prefer to remain anonymous, I would heartily recommend Master Hong to anyone considering cosmetic surgery.