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Other Qi Gong Forms: Golden 8
The Eight Golden Style Qi Gong Exercises (Golden Eight) are appropriate for all ages and all health conditions. They are good for self-healing, self-empowerment, and health maintenance. Each of the exercises is designed to balance specific organ pairs and their associated illnesses. The Golden Eight has stood the test of time with an 800+ year history. Benefits associated with it includes, improved sexual function, improved circulation of the main and collateral meridians, weight loss, and longevity.

Whereas the Basic 8 Form involves deeper stretching and use of the legs, the Golden Eight have an overall effect that is especially good for the heart. By doing these exercises you can consciously guide the energy in your body.

A research study aimed to assess the efficacy of the Golden Eight form in preventing bone mineral density loss for middle-aged women. The difference between the group that did the Golden Eight and a control were significant. This study is important as it demonstrates promising efficacy of Golden Eight in preventing bone loss commonly occurring in middle-aged women. It is valuable for promoting and maintaining the health status of middle-aged women. Other research has found the Golden Eight to be beneficial for those suffering with indigestion, constipation, asthma, osteoarthritis, obesity, and neurasthenia.