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Other Qi Gong Forms: 12 Sitting Exercises
The 12 Sitting Exercises are ancient Qi Gong exercises designed to improve one’s health and energy. As a series, they have been used for many centuries to:
  • stave off aging and its side effects
  • bring more focus and clarity to the mind, with benefits of increased memory, alertness, and concentration
  • can help ease you into a deep meditative state for transcending stress and a greater sense of equanimity

12 Sitting Exercises are an excellent practice for gathering and balancing your internal energy. They do not require the ability to stand, so they are within the capabilities of most physically challenged persons, senior citizens, and the seriously ill. Moreover, only 3 of the 12 exercises require any overt movement; the other 9 are performed motionless, focusing on the internal movement of Qi.

This focus on internal movement of energy and the balancing of one’s Yin and Yang energy make the 12 Sitting Exercises a higher-level practice. The ancient Qi Gong masters used the final meditation as a primary practice—a powerful testimonial to say the least.